11 months ago

Babies don’t need much.

After having had four babies within the last four years (my youngest arrived 6 months ago), I can tell you one thing as a FACT: Babies truly don’t need much; a safe place to sleep, milk for their bellies… in theory, everything else is optional.

Parents, however? Well, that’s another story. We “need” quite a lot of things these days to make life easier. I’ve done it all… the Over-Prepare. The Under-Prepare. Singletons. Twins. Boys. Girls. I’m happy to share with you a list of modern-day “Must Have” items to prepare you for your experience with your baby. I have a LOT of tried-and-true opinions on which are the “best” of each of these items and will be posting about these in the future.  If you’re reading this list before I’ve provided more details, please don’t hesitate to email me at connect@mominmotion.com to inquire and I’ll gladly help guide you in the right direction.

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