11 months ago

A Mom Was Born

Ever met those moms who seemed like they are obsessed with being a mom? Isn’t it annoying?

If you answered “yes” then I’m guessing you’re probably not a mother or haven’t been one for very long. Becoming “a mother” isn’t like becoming “a vegetarian” or “a dentist” or even “a wife.”  For me, becoming a mother was just as sudden as it was gradual and was more all-encompassing than I could have imagined. Tomorrow marks the day that I became a mother to our beautiful twins. From one moment to the next I went from being one (very pregnant) person to being divided into three beings; I literally couldn’t breathe until I confirmed they were also breathing; I couldn’t sleep until they did so.

As the years passed I learned that motherhood had fundamentally changed my entire being. The physical changes are obvious (well some of them, like stretch marks… but am I the only one who also has different taste buds or a slightly different shoe size?) but other differences took awhile for me to recognize and, more importantly, to accept and, even more importantly than that– to embrace. The person I once was isn’t coming back, jack. I’ve discovered that I can still do a version of what I used to love doing (well, everything except sleeping… but I’ve never been one to indulge in much of that, either). I can’t commit to spending half-days doing long triathlon workouts but I can commit to running a few times each week and preparing to be the runner in a Triathlon Relay Team.

Finding the balance of “self” and “motherhood” and whether those things are mutually exclusive is a topic for another day. For now I am celebrating the woman I am today- the joys I’ve experienced (four healthy children, a happy marriage, personal successes, etc) and also the struggles I’ve overcome in the last four years (crippling postpartum depression, breastfeeding, miscarriage, being a Working Mom, being a newly converted SAHM, two home moves, living in a year-long major home remodel, selling a business, etc.).

So, Happy Birthday to my (almost) Four-Year-Olds and Happy Birthday to Mommy Candice! xo

P.S. I can’t wait to read them “How Do Dinosaurs Say Happy Birthday” before bed tonight. Check it out or any of our other favorites: