7 months ago

Child Grooming and Abduction- A True Story (Shared)

This wasn’t a planned post; maybe some would say it’s more appropriate for a “share” on Facebook, where I originally read it.  Even though my oldest children are only 4, I see the beautiful pre-teen and teenage nephews/nieces in my family as well as the children of my friends… and I am filled with an urge to protect them from parts of humanity that would seek to do them harm. My soul cries out for their innocence which is so fragile in today’s interwoven web of technology.

I hope that you will take the time to read the important post that I’ll share below. Read it with your children. Ask their opinion. Read it with your friends. Create a pact to look out for each other and for every young person you know. Call evil by it’s name and don’t be concerned about whether that makes you “uncool.”

Please forward the link to my blog post to absolutely everyone you know; we are not in this alone and must learn from each other. 

 Click here to read Jim and Lucy’s story.

“I should have been more aware of the risks of phones and X-boxes. I shouldn’t have let her have a Facebook profile. I thought it was ok. I was busy or tired. I wanted her to have what her friends had. I wanted her to amuse herself while I did my own thing. I wanted to be a cool Dad or have an easy life.

I cannot change any of it. I can only deal with today.”





  1. This is really scary! My daughter is only two but I do worry about child abuse a lot! Not only bia IT but in general. A teacher, neighbor, the boy next door..
    All these monsters shouldnt exist!

  2. I cannot believe the persistence with which M continued to pursue Lucy after the cops were involved. So sad that we are not in a position to put an end to this behavior more prematurely.

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