Meet Candice

My heart loves to share and I’ve sought to connect with others via writing since I was seven, writing weekly letters to my Australian pen-pal. Since then I’ve written for other blogs, dived into social media and have shared “CJ’s List” of my Favorite products for over 2 years.  I’m an Alabama-bred Southern gal turned South-Florida resident of nearly a decade (contrary to logic, if you go REAL FAR SOUTH in Florida, it’s no longer the “actual” South. Get me?).  People ask me a lot about culture shock but I can’t say I’ve ever experienced that; I grew up as the daughter of a Marine and we moved enough for me to be comfortable just about anywhere.

Good thing I embrace change because as a mom of four children young children (twins who just turned 4, a 2-year old and a 7-month old), you could say a lot changed for me very quickly— one day I was racing in Ironman 70.3 triathlons, traveling across the world with my husband and managing operations for our national healthcare technology company… and BAM!!!  The next thing I knew, life was upside down and full of babies! Wheeee!!! While this was a time of many blessings, it was also a time of personal challenge. I have learned so much and am still learning even at this moment (how do I edit this darn blog?). 

Welcome to Mom in Motion. Just the thought of you sharing in my journey has me literally bouncing up and down in my seat—because I have so much I want to share with you. One of my greatest joys in life is in creating communities of like-minded women. I truly believe, “It takes a Village!”  I hope that you’ll take a moment to subscribe to my posts (don’t worry, your info is safe with me and I won’t share with anyone) and let’s ride this roller coaster together! (ah-ha, see?! Learning new things! Until this moment I always thought it was one word: “rollercoaster”; thanks, auto-correct!)

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!  There’s something I love more than sharing and that’s collaboration.
You can expect that many of the posts on this blog will be written by other moms who have an experience or expertise that you can learn from or will make you laugh. These women are amazing and you’re going to love them as much as I do!
* If you’re interested in discussing how you can be a guest author, please contact me at 

I’m guessing that if you’re still reading this you are:
A. My Mom (hi, mom!)
B. Still hiding from your children in the bathroom
C. Bored in a waiting room somewhere
D. My New Best Friend!