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By request, I’ll be sharing my favorite tried-and-true products in various parenting categories (as well as some mom-related stuff because hello, it can’t always be ALL about the kids, right? UNLESS you think it DOES have to always be about the kids in which case just tell yourself that the awesome face masque I’m recommending is really so the kids won’t be embarrassed about your haggard complexion at preschool pickup).

If you’re a member of our awesome Village and would like to see me prioritize certain solutions (i.e. Baby-Proofing, Shoes, Strollers, Diaper Creams, etc) then just drop me a line in a comment and let me know.

If you represent a brand and would like to discuss collaboration then you can reach me at

Thanks for trusting me; it’s a joy to help parents save money and only buy products that DON’T SUCK!


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Many of the links I provide are affiliate links; I may be paid a small amount, at no cost to you, if you purchase.  I share because I truly love the products–any income goes directly to supporting maintenance of this blog.