Product Recs: Babies

Here are a few basic items that I would recommend for ALL families who are expecting a baby.

  • While Colic Calm isn’t necessarily a “must have” if your baby has zero tummy issues, the odds are that your infant might have some tough nights and this product is so natural and effective that I buy it for every new mom I know.
  • The Rock n Play is basically the most versatile infant sleeping option- great for naps or traveling to visit family, the incline is perfect for a baby who might suffer reflux, the seatbelts keep them secure… I can go on and on. This will make your life easier as a parent! Several color choices 🙂
  • When my twins (first babies) were 3 months old I wrote on Facebook, “I wish they’d make something to help the pacifier stay in their mouths” and the MAMAS ROSE UP to tell me that I needed to try the Wubanub! This adorable stuffed animal attached to the pacifier isn’t just cute; it’s functional! There are quite a few animal choices available so make sure it’s on your list!
  • The Pinkxav diaper cream is an under-the-radar find. A friend told me about it this past year and it’s proven to be much better than any OTC cream I’ve tried (and I’ve tried more than I can possibly count). It heals without drying out. The only thing to prepare for is that it’s PINK and will stain so take precautions!