Product Recs: Home & Health


  • One of the best parts about our homes is the memories we create in it. Save those memories and a million more with Chatbooks. If you use my code then you get a free book and I get a credit- win/win!
    If that’s not a good enough reason to try it then please watch MY FAVORITE COMMERCIAL OF ALL TIME and laugh your head off for free (but you don’t a book unless you actually download the app).
  • There is lots of science attributed to the Himalayan Salt Lamp. For me though? Total Game Changer. I’m more relaxed and centered the moment I turn it on at my desk when I’m trying to write. If you love  the glow of a campfire (without the heat– I’m in Miami, people) paired with the comfort of your home AND the added benefit of no risk of burning tiny little fingers, I highly recommend trying this.  Click Here for a great deal (currently $20 off)


  • Essential Oils are a daily part of our routine in my home.  We use them for illness prevention, holistic well-being, cleaning and cooking. I buy mine wholesale and devote time to educate people about the most important oils for their unique situations; I always recommend buying your oils from a reputable company who offers discounted wholesale pricing and is certified pure therapeutic grade. If you would like to set up a 15-minute call to discuss, send me an email at

  • While Colic Calm isn’t necessarily a “must have” if your baby has zero tummy issues, the odds are that your infant might have some tough nights and this product is so natural and effective that I buy it for every new mom I know.
  • The Pinkxav diaper cream is an under-the-radar find. A friend told me about it this past year and it’s proven to be much better than any OTC cream I’ve tried (and I’ve tried more than I can possibly count). It heals without drying out. The only thing to prepare for is that it’s PINK and will stain so take precautions!